Do any of these use cases apply to you?
Independent Consultant
Typically, your work for clients results in studies and reports. They would prefer to get tools that they can use with new data in the future. You are concerned about the resources needed to develop a software product.

LITIC enables you to create better tools for your clients (even with restricted time and money resources).
Consultant Meeting a Client
You learn that your client wants to cut delivery times through improved routing. This is just the kind of problem LITIC can handle. Imagine you could develop a proof-of-concept solution within a day, and present it during that same visit. The live feedback lets you to refine the requirements quickly. Issues with the available data sources can be resolved on the spot.

LITIC offers rapid development for earlier results.
Your research topic provides a real-life application. You convinced an industry partner to provide data, and now you are ready to share and discuss your results. However, you do not have much time to prepare your presentation. Nevertheless, you would like to show a simple interactive app with a graphical display of your analysis.

LITIC is exactly what you need. It helps you to communicate and transfer your research results with limited effort.
Decision Analyst in Industry
You want to create computational support for decision tasks assigned to you. However, you have some data, but you do not know the exact problem and requirements yet. With LITIC, you can explore your data and playfully develop models and solutions. When needed, you can always update and modify the tool on your own.

LITIC provides self-service analytics for better decisions.