LITIC Platform
A Faster Way to Create Decision Analytics Applications
LITIC Explicator

The LITIC Explicator helps you discover and capture both the right decision problem and its solution:

  • New insight leads to updated requirements.
  • The visual interaction allows immediate feedback.
  • Try changes in the presence of end-users, answering many questions in a single session.

The high productivity of the LITIC Explicator is based on the strong integration of its main features:

  • It supports easy data ingestion with error checking.
  • All data are ready for browsing and visualization.
  • Its visual editor supports logic speciļ¬cation involving multi-dimensional data cubes.
  • The language can express formulas, procedures, optimization models and a what-if analysis.
On the Roadmap

The Explicator is meant to be a discovery tool only and delivery of end-user solutions will be covered by other parts of the LITIC platform which we plan to release soon:

  • Work as a team in LITIC's cloud-based installation.
  • Design graphical user interfaces and deploy whole applications online.
  • Expose your LITIC procedures as web services.
  • Extend LITIC's capabilities with user code in Python.
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure with generated Python code.

You can already profit from the these features listed above through our support services!