Would you like to be an early adopter?

We are now testing LITIC with several early adopters. These clients have tested our software on real-life problems and found that it works for them.

A few early adopter slots will be available in 2019, and we want to add a variety of organizations to our client group. Each new participating organization will receive free and extensive support.

To participate, you must attend a two-hour online and hands-on workshop. Afterwards, you will be provided with a one-month trial version for you and your colleagues. The charge for the combined workshop and one-month trial version is 500 Euro payable by bank transfer.

To join our client group, please fill out the the application below and we will contact you within 10 days.

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I am interested in:
  the early adopter program: workshop plus trial version
  a telephone conversation with our CEO
  a telephone consultation with a sales support person
  a notification when the early adopter program is no longer in place