Developer Benefits
LITIC is a unique and remarkable technology designed to give you many benefits in your role as a developer, analyst or consultant.
Save Time
One early adopter summarized this benefit as follows:
“I just built an app with LITIC that I could have built using Python tools. The difference is that the LITIC app took me two hours, while the Python approach would have taken me 20 hours”.
How is LITIC able to create such major time savings?
The answer is simple: avoid or minimize all time-consuming tasks.
Here is a list of concrete and time-related benefits for you as a developer.
LITIC Platform Properties Save Time
  • browser-based development and deployment
access anywhere and anytime
  • all software components in a single Virtual Machine (VM)
no software maintenance
  • management of users, projects, apps, services, etc.
reduced management effort
  • user-driven development of the entire platform
improved productivity
  • data blending and data cleaning as a point-&-click activity
a true time saver
  • interactive app building also as a drag-&-drop activity
another true time saver
Avoid Mistakes
Specifying procedures and optimization models using a general-purpose programming languages is not easy and requires extensive knowledge of syntax. A domain-specific language, such as the one inside LITIC, is less comprehensive and much more expressive in its domain.
As a result, several kinds of likely programming errors are either partially or completely eliminated.
LITIC Platform Properties Avoid Mistakes
  • complete integration of all functionality
no interfacing of modules
  • drag-&-drop procedures and optimization models
minimal syntax knowledge required
  • immediate publishing and deployment of apps
avoid web programming
  • full support of measurement units
avoid inconsistent expressions
  • fully automated solver linkage
no programming required
Go Further
With LITIC as a tool, you can do more than before.
Use your domain knowledge to fuel the business logic of the apps that you imagine. The LITIC platform provides the infrastructure to bring them to life.
Where previously you were dependent on a team of specialists, you can now realize your ideas.
LITIC Platform Properties Go Further
  • web publishing in the platform
build powerful, interactive applications
  • complete development environment
get started on your own
  • full control over all elements in apps
directly implement customer requests
  • interactive development with graphical feedback
develop without specifications