About Us
The Company
LITIC Software was founded in 2009 as a software company, with the goal of building a tool for a new era in decision analytics. We want to allow everybody to build customized applications that are developed and used through the cloud. From the beginning of the company we worked closely with early adopters and directed the feature development towards meeting their needs.
The Team
Johannes Bisschop
Founder & CEO
With a Ph.D. in mathematical optimization from the Johns Hopkins University, Johannes Bisschop tackled a variety of problems at the World Bank and at Shell Research, before joining the University of Twente as a full professor. Building on his experience with decision problems, Johannes also founded the successful AIMMS company to provide a better tool for modeling and problem solving.
Following early retirement, he subsequently started the LITIC company with the goal to offer an innovative and next-generation analytics platform with an exceptional user experience.
Robert Schwarz
Product Manager
After his studies in mathematics and computer science, Robert Schwarz joined the Zuse Institute Berlin to work on challenging problems in the area of gas pipeline planning, and to develop software solutions with industry partners. There, he acquired a strong background in optimization theory and algorithms to complement his problem solving capabilities.
Robert joined the LITIC company to build a tool which empowers individuals to develop and host entire applications based on business intelligence and optimization facilities. He is currently working on a plan for machine learning algorithms in LITIC.
Development Team

The young development team is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From early on, the company recruited local talent, working with Chiang Mai University.

We are always looking to hire developers to work on various aspects of the platform such as data connectivity, graphical user interfaces, and analytics components. Furthermore, we are looking for persons to build applications and to provide support to our customers.