LITIC Platform Pricing
Basic Offering

LITIC is a subscription-based and cloud-based software product. Our current offering is housed in a certified data center in Germany. All LITIC versions run on dedicated bare-metal hardware leased exclusively by the LITIC company.

Each LITIC version is packed into a Virtual Machine (VM), and each such VM has access to dedicated hardware in terms of cores, memory and disk space. These hardware elements are not shared by any other LITIC version running on the same physical machine.

Two Types of LITIC Versions

Developer Versions are fully functional versions (including the SCIP solver for optimization models) for developers, analysts and consultants who want to control their own way to analyze data, build their analysis tools, make overviews, create apps, and develop services.

App End-User Versions are designed to run LITIC apps that were created with Developer Versions.

Need for Customized Delivery and Pricing

Self-service delivery and pricing is convenient, and will also be offered after the LITIC early adopter program has been completed. However, we have learnt from our early adopters, that there are several circumstances that will require a customized treatment of delivery and pricing.

Examples are situations in which you may want to:

  • use your own hardware (private or company cloud)
  • choose your own cloud provider
  • get access to a student / university program
  • pay on an hourly basis instead of a quarterly basis
  • use LITIC for a one-time exercise only
  • use LITIC for just a few months per year
  • alleviate your computational work load with special compute nodes
  • use LITIC for your entire organization with special requirements such as
  • several large Team Versions to form a single team
  • hardware availability at multiple locations
  • customized back-up requirements
  • security details specific for your organization
  • etc.
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